Promoting global citizenship-Inside the classroom

Promoting “global citizenship” is one of Greenfield International School’s key values. There is a huge benefit for students, schools and the world as a whole when students are aware of the world around them and are engaged in contemporary issues both on a communal and global scale. While there are many ways to develop global awareness, at GIS we have opted to integrate themes of awareness, and empathy through curriculum design.


The partnership with Brilliant International School in the U.A.E. gives Greenfield International School the access to plan cultural exchange programs and using video-conferencing technology, introduce our students to their peers in alternate educational and geographical settings.


GIS students will participate in social uplift projects, such a ‘Clean Your Neighborhood’ drives  as well as participating in environment-friendly practices such as depositing waste into  on-site recycling bins.  GIS’s Extracurricular Co-coordinator will facilitate themed, educational field trips with partner organizations that are working on saving the environment, such as the World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF). By creating global citizens, we are helping give rise a better world.


Being a global citizen goes well beyond simply traveling on the international stage or living an expatriate lifestyle; it refers to a more holistic view of the world, understanding the commonalities we share and recognizing our responsibility to help our fellow man and safeguard our planet’s future.