Chairman’s Message


Dear Parents,

I offer a warm welcome to all of you and hope that you will have a valuable time looking through the detailed information contained in this prospectus. This school is a great opportunity for us to offer students a quality education. We are committed to providing highly individualized and specialized curriculums tailored to meet the needs of our changing society. To deliver all this we have chosen a highly diversified Advisory and Academic Board comprising internationally experienced professionals and individuals from various disciplines.

As parents, I am sure that there is nothing more important, to you, than providing quality education to your children. We are aware of how important it is for students to have good teachers and effective educational program, especially at a young age. Therefore, we have been very selective in choosing the best teachers possible for our students. We are also striving to support our students to reach their goals through our specialized education program. Our aim is to not only make education at Greenfield International an enjoyable but also a memorable experience. We always welcome any questions, comments, or concerns from parents and students. We wish you the best.

Muhammad Maqbool 

Chairman, Academic and Advisory Board