What a child wears to school reflects his/her learning. It also portrays the school’s ethos and shared positive values. We have a smart but simple uniform that we encourage all students to wear.

This is a green blazer, white shirt with green and white striped collar, green tie, sleeve-less V-neck sweater and khaki trousers for boys or khaki smock dress for girls. The uniform for girls will also include white tights. The PE (Physical Education) uniform consists of a navy blue tracksuit with a green full-sleeves shirt. School uniform, including PE tracksuits are sold at cost and can be purchased from uniform shops designated by GIS.

All uniform items should be clearly named. Jewellery other than watches and studs for girls are not permitted to be worn at any time.

Students in all grades are required to wear the school uniform at all times except on announced special occasions. Uniforms will be checked each morning to see that they are in the proper order and condition.


We at GIS believe that uniforms are an integral part of a child’s school experience and it leads to the following advantages:

  1. A uniform code enhances harmony in a school and creates an attitude of striving for excellence.
  2. It encourages character development, self-discipline, neatness, and modesty.
  3. A uniform code instills school spirit and a sense of belonging, while providing enough choice
  4. A uniform code allows students from all economic backgrounds the freedom to be themselves apart from the stress of competitive dress.
  5. A uniform code will save parents’ time, energy, and money. The clothing selected was chosen with price and durability in mind.


We trust that you will accept the uniform policy in the spirit in which it was adopted.