Academic and Advisory Board

Greenfield International School’s Academic and Advisory Board consists of leading internationally recognized professionals belonging to various disciplines. The role of the board is to provide advice and counsel on strategic academic issues, alliances and partnerships useful to further the overall objectives of Greenfield International School.

Sir Maqbool PicMr. Muhammad Maqbool, Chairman

Mr. Muhammad Maqbool is a Senior Chartered Accountant from England, Canada and Pakistan. He has 30 years’ experience in Professional Teaching and Consulting. He has been holding the position of President and Vice-President in certain national professional accountancy bodies.

He has designed and devised various courses for bachelor and master programs for The University of Lahore in the field of accountancy, finance and management.

Our country is undergoing an educational crisis. Parents spend thousands upon thousands rupees on their children’s primary school education and the returns are dismal. Teachers lack formal training or certification and are often overworked while the curriculum being taught is outdated and irrelevant to the challenges of the Pakistan to come.  With the guidance of today’s leading academic and entrepreneurial men and women, it is possible to empower the Pakistani children with the skills required to lead a meaningful, financially secure adulthood. It is with this view in mind that we have pooled together the best minds and hearts to set up Greenfield International School.”

MerdasMr. Abdul Rahim Merdas, Patron

Mr. Abdul Rahim Merdas is a U.A.E. national and a serial entrepreneur with vast experience in international business. Mr. Merdas will be serving as the Patron of Greenfield International School. He is the C.E.O. and Founder of Al Merdas Trading Establishment in the United Arab Emirates.

It is with earnest interest in giving back to society that we  welcome the opening of Greenfield International School in Lahore, Pakistan. We pledge to support the growth of Greenfield into a quality educational institution in the years to come.”

Graeme (1)Mr. Graeme Gordon, Member

Mr. Graeme Gordon, a British National, is a Chartered Accountant with extensive international experience including in Europe, Russia, North America, the Far East, the Indian Sub-Continent and the Middle East. His expertise has him involved with higher educational and professional training programs on behalf of a global training and development firm. He was also previously Group Finance Director of a technology company listed on the London Stock Exchange.

We believe that all children are equipped with the potential to make positive and long-lasting contributions to their communities and the world-at-large. With Greenfield International School, we are confident in the ability of our faculty and our programs to cultivate the minds of young learners so they can participate fully as responsible global citizens.

JusticeRaoJustice (R) Rao Naeem Hashim Khan, Member

Justice (R) Rao Naeem Hashim Khan served as a Judge at Lahore High court for more than twenty years. Justice Rao has been a practicing advocate at the Supreme Court and High Courts of Pakistan for more than three decades in various areas of law. He has a passion for social uplift and the promotion of Pakistan’s development via the provision of quality primary and secondary education.

 “It is in the very initial years of human existence that a child begins understanding abstract concepts such as patience, optimism, equality and tolerance.  At Greenfield International School, our Board has recommended the development of a Character Development and Global Citizenship module:  This program will support the students as they embark on the journey to responsible citizenship.”

20160212_160626Dr. Naseer Ahmad Chaudhry, Member

Dr. Naseer A. Chaudhry is an accomplished medical professional and academic with over thirty-five years of research experience.  His passion for furthering the medical profession and it’s professional studies has led him to advise on close to 90 research projects and journals of over 100 national and international research publications. He holds professional membership of both the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council and the Pakistan Association of Pathologists.

 There is not a country around the world that does not have a leading doctor or engineer who originally hails from Pakistan. The question to ponder is,  “Will this still be the case in the years to come?” By creating an academic environment that is challenging yet innovative at the pre-school and primary/secondary school level, we can provide a firm footing  for our children to begin their journey towards academic and eventually,  professional excellence.

20160218_094210 (1)AN  Byungmin, Member

Mr. AN Byungmin is an experienced practitioner in International-level Strategic Planning and Management. He is currently serving as the Chief Executive Officer and President of the Korea Research Institute (Pvt.) Ltd. for Pakistan Economics. His expertise has led him to advise the Chief Minister of Punjab and his team on matters related to Corporate Social Responsibility. Mr. Byungmin’s passion for teaching extends to coaching the younger generation in colleges and universities on CSR and International Business.

 To achieve your dreams in the School of Life, it is vital to have access to well-thought out curriculum and attentive faculty at the school level.

FaisalMerdasMr. Faisal Merdas, Member

Mr. Faisal Merdas is a U.A.E. national and holds a business graduation degree from the U.S.S He has extensive working knowledge of Finance and System Administration Management. He is one the key members of the Al Merdas Trading Establishment in the United Arab Emirates. He has a passion for social well-being and the promotion of quality primary and secondary education.

 We initiate the Greenfield International School system with the aim to give our students the opportunity of live, laugh and learn concepts that will stay with them through school, university and beyond’.

MMahmoodMufti Mahmood Ahmad, Member

Mufti Mahmood Ahmad is the Member of Allied Bank’ Shariah Board and graduated as a scholar in Shahadat-UL-Almiah (Master in Arabic and Islamic studies) from Wifaqu-UL-Almadaris Alarabia and Master in Arabic from Punjab University, Lahore. He is currently pursuing his M. Phil. while also teaching in various institutions across Lahore. Mr. Ahmad brings 16 years of Islamic Finance and Technology implementation experience.

With Greenfield International School, our aim is to help students on their learning journey as they progressively build their life long knowledge and skills.

UsmanKhalilDr. Usman Khalil, Member

Associate Professor and the founding member of the School of Social Sciences and Humanities at the University of Management & Technology. He has vast experience of more than four decades as a Professor, Researcher and Founder of primary schools, Lower Secondary Schools and Secondary Schools.  Dr. Khalil’s key areas of work have been Professional Development, School Improvement, Educational Management, Educational Leadership, Educational Research and Teacher Education.

Pakistan’s history sparkles with the contributions of innovators, be it Sadequain the Master Calligrapher or Iqbal and Faiz Ahmed Faiz the Thinker’s Poets. Such contributions would not have been possible without a strong academic experience at a young age.  How can we ensure that Pakistan’s rich cultural traditions continue on? By designing an innovative school system that encourages students to freely develop into tomorrow’s leaders and master artisans with creative thinking and critical inquiry.

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 12.34.15 pmEngr. Ahmad Hammad, Member

Engr. Ahmad Hammad, an Engineering Consultant, graduated from UET-Lahore and did his post-graduation studies from Oklahoma, USA. He started his career with Halliburton Ltd- USA and served in Pakistan & USA as a technical advisor. He joined his family business in Packaging & Pharmaceuticals. Mr. Hammad has been actively involved in community services. He is the Central President of Pakistan Engineers Forum (PEF).

It takes the best, Faculty, Facilities and Learning Environment to provide one child the crucial foundation upon which future success can be built. Greenfield International School aims to be that very foundation of academic excellence for the younger students of Lahore.”